This session I decided to put off mixing a few hours to try and give myself more options during the mixing phase. I decided to re amp the guitars. First I used a pair of KM 184s in an ORTF setup to get a stereo image of the guitars. Next, I direct mic’ed another pass of guitars with a KM 184 and an AT 4033.

Since I wasn’t happy with the original snare drum recording, or the samples I initially used with Sound Replacer I decided to record my own snare drum samples. I used a Shure SM 57, a Neumann KM 184, and an Audio Technica 4033. I experimented with different placements on both the batter and snare side of the drum. I recorded hits at different dynamics, using the different mics, and different placements. I editing the regions and then exported the regions as files.

Recording my own drum samples was a lot of fun, and I am very pleased with the results.


I spent the rest of the session making a rough mix of “Nobody Knows Me”. I did my mix using the TL Audio Console, the Lexicon PCM 91, a Big Briar Phaser, and a Big Briar Analog Delay. I wanted to do as much of this project outside the box as I could. I like the warmth that the TL console gave the mix.