The agenda for today’s session was to focus on finishing the acoustic songs.

We started by recording electric guitar overdubs for the track “Waiting”. I used a Sennheiser MD 421 on the Dr. Z amplifier. Andrew performed a number of takes of basic rhythm tracks. Once the basic rhythm tracks were recorded I had Andrew improvise lead parts over the song.

Once we were finished with guitars we moved on to record the vocals. At first we tried the Nady TCM 1150, but I felt that it sounded too brittle on Andrew’s voice so I switched it out with the Rode NT-1. I had Andrew do several takes, and double up the vocal on a few parts.

Next, we recorded a lead guitar part on “No Time”. Andrew tried a few takes of vocals, but since he performs it differently every time he was having trouble singing to the changes. I decided it was best to move on and let him work on it at home with a CD of a rough mix of the song.

We moved on and recorded several takes of Vocals for “Ran Out Of Love”.

We still had some time left so I decided to start recording the vocals for the electric songs. I pulled up the session, did some repatching, and we managed to get several good takes of vocals for “I Ain’t Got No Shotgun”.

This session taught me that you have to find ways to keep the session going. Despite my frustration with the artist being unprepared for the session, I kept calm and we managed to get a lot of work done.